Wind Towers

We are the most prominent Wind Tower Manufacturer in SE Europe.


Wind Towers

ΕΜΕΚ S.A. started fabricating wind towers in 2000. The high level of technical expertise backed up by our experience, rank us among the most prominent wind tower manufacturers in south east Europe. Our production capacity exceeds 450 sections annually.

The services we provide our customers, include Detailed Design, Procurement and Installation of material and electromechanical equipment.

Fabrication process, includes preparation (cutting, fitting and welding) of plates in order to form the sections. Each wind tower consists of 3-5 sections. These sections are sandblasted and painted in a closed sandblasting and painting chamber under controlled conditions. Finally, the necessary electromechanical equipment is installed internally.

The sections are transported for loading at ports near our production facilities (Piraeus, Eleusis)

The maximum dimensions of the sections are:

  • Diameter: 4.5m
  • Length: 35m
  • Weight: 80t

Our customers are the largest wind tower manufacturers in the world.